Welcome to PeBeFoTo!

Here I feature some of the photographs that I have produced for you to see.  This is a hobbyist site and so don't expect professional quality photography but I hope that as time passes the quality will slowly rise as I improve my photographic style.

So please, take a seat and have a look around...

Autumn seat 020219-0363.jpg

Please Note

I haven't included details of exposure settings unless these are  part of the styling process but generally exposure settings will relate specifically to the lighting when the picture is taken.  If you'd like further details of settings please get in touch - there's a contact form on the 'About & Contact' page or you can use the email address below.

If you'd like to discuss anything else regarding my photography please contact me.

On the photo mosaic pages if you click on a photograph you will see it expand to be shown in a 'single screen' with some further details (many have a hyperlink to external webpages that give details of the subject on that page).  If you then click on the 'stretch' arrows at the top left on that screen you will have a full page view. 

Peter,  January 2019

peter AT pebefoto.co.uk