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I am Peter, I have been interested in photography most of my life and in the early days I developed and printed my own photos in a make-shift darkroom in our family home.  I have had a number of cameras ranging from a simple Kodak 127 roll camera, through an EXA1a SLR with a multitude of accessories including a replaceable viewfinder and extension tubes for close up work; a Pentax ME Super and my first digital camera was a FUJI MX1700 Zoom with just 1.5 mega pixels.  I now have a Panasonic TZ70 and a Fujifilm X-T2. I also use my HCT10 mobile phone for spontaneous shots when I am without my 'real' cameras.

I tend to take landscape/nature photos and also architecture and buildings.  I have dabbled with video but prefer stills photos (I have produced short video clips using snatches of video interlaced with still shots).

I often shoot RAW files and use Adobe Lightroom (v6.14) to develop final images.  I also use Photoshop Elements (v13) to a small extent.  I use Adobe Premiere Elements (v13)  for video.  I really need to work at learning how to use these programmes to their full extent.

I am a hobbyist and not a professional photographer and even if my skills were better I would still prefer to take photos for myself rather than work to someone else's brief.

Oh, and that isn't me in the photo above but when I get a usable photo of myself I'll put it up there!

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